Luther and the Bible

October 22, 2017
When it comes to the Reformation, one of the most important topics to discuss is Martin Luther on Scripture. There are a number of things that we could say about this topic, but let’s look at just a few. The first is the authority of Scripture. We see this in

Luther on Psalm 118

October 21, 2017
Stephen Nichols (SN): Today we have a very special guest with us. Dr. W. Robert Godfrey and I are at a conference together in Wittenberg, Germany. Dr. Godfrey, we have been talking about Luther’s writings in particular, and a very important set of those writings is Luther’s commentaries. What

The Bondage of the Will

October 20, 2017
The crown jewel of Martin Luther’s writings, his magnum opus, is The Bondage of the Will. Of course, that’s next to his work in translating the Bible into German. Luther himself considered The Bondage of the Will one his most important works. At the end of his life, Luther said, “You can

Table Talk

October 19, 2017
As a wedding gift to his favorite minister and renowned professor, Frederick the Wise turned over the keys to the stately Black Cloister, the former Augustinian monastery of Wittenberg, to Martin Luther. This became the Luthers’ home. He and Katie raised their children there, he would teach his students there, and people would
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