Dr. Stephen Nichols:
We recognize on 5 Minutes in Church History that not only is history made, but also that church history is being made. And so we’re talking more with Dr. Sugel Michelén about history being made in Central America and the church’s victories in that portion of the globe. Pastor Michelén, it’s wonderful to have you back.

Dr. Sugel Michelén:
It is my privilege to be here.

SN: You pastor a church that you founded forty years ago in your home. Back when you started that church, did you have any idea of where it would go or where you would be forty years later?

SM: Not even in my most crazy dreams. We were a very small group of young people. I was eighteen years old. The oldest was twenty-four, and we were only twelve boys and girls. We decided to begin to meet together in our living room in 1978. So we have been doing it as a church for forty-two years now. The church began to grow. Thanks to the Lord, very soon we began to preach the Bible in an expository way. That was a great blessing. And then we embraced the Reformation theology. So now we are here.

SN: I know you have a vision, not only for your city, Santo Domingo, but also for the broader region. You have been involved in a wonderful project, the publication of the Reformation Study Bible in Spanish. First, could you give us the name in Spanish of this new study Bible?

SM: La Biblia de Estudio de la Reforma.

SN: Of course, like you, we have high hopes for this Bible and prayers for it, that it might impact not only those in central America, but Spanish-speaking folks around the world. What are your hopes for this new study Bible in the Spanish language?

SM: I am convinced that in the Spanish-speaking world, we have a real need for a deeper understanding of Scripture, a better understanding of systematic theology, and a greater understanding of church history and the historic documents that forged our Protestant belief system. I believe that this study Bible contributes greatly to a deeper understanding of each of these areas.

One advantage I see in Ligonier Ministries is the ability that the Lord gave R.C. Sproul to expound deep truths while at the same time ministering to the laity with clarity and simplicity. I believe this Bible reflects that. So in that sense, I am very excited and have high expectations of how the Lord will use this study Bible, which contains much relevant information in the areas that I feel our regions need.

SN: All of those themes you talk about this Bible—a deeper understanding of the Scriptures, a better understanding of systematic theology, and a greater understanding of church history—are all loved at 5 Minutes in Church History. And we claim this promise that God’s Word will not return void. It is a story we’ve seen played out again and again in the pages of church history.

May God bless the efforts of this study Bible and may God bless your efforts, Pastor Michelén, there in Santo Domingo and beyond.

SM: Thank you.