Topic: Early Church


March 14, 2018
Tacitus was born around 56 AD and he died in 118 AD. He was an orator, a lawyer, he served in the Roman Senate and in the province of Germania, and he was a writer. He is known to us as one of the historians of the first century


February 14, 2018
In the fourth century, there was a Christian Roman woman who was very significant in her lifetime. She was named Macrina. Now, we have to make a distinction. This woman is known as Macrina the Younger to distinguish her from her grandmother, Macrina the Elder. They were very wealthy,

Just War

January 10, 2018
Augustine of Hippo provided the church with a number of crucial phrases. We have the phrase ex nihilo, meaning that creation was made out of nothing. Another phrase that Augustine gave us is not only important for the church but actually one that’s important for political philosophy. The Latin

On the Canon

July 19, 2017
Stephen Nichols (SN): Today we have a very special guest: Dr. Michael Kruger. He is the president and Samuel C. Patterson Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, North Carolina. Dr. Kruger, welcome. Michael Kruger (MK): Thanks, Steve. Great to be here. SN: I’m
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