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5 Responses to Modernism

January 17, 2018
Let’s look at five responses to modernism. Modernism can be defined very broadly, but for our purposes, we’ll define it as a movement that began around the beginning of the twentieth century that was marked by great optimism, antisupernaturalism, and the rethinking of a number of aspects related to

Just War

January 10, 2018
Augustine of Hippo provided the church with a number of crucial phrases. We have the phrase ex nihilo, meaning that creation was made out of nothing. Another phrase that Augustine gave us is not only important for the church but actually one that’s important for political philosophy. The Latin

Esther Edwards Burr

January 3, 2018
Esther Edwards Burr was the third of eleven children born to Jonathan and Sarah Edwards. She was born on February 13, 1732, in Northampton, Mass. She lived through the Great Awakening as an eight- to ten-year-old, and it’s fascinating how that event formed and shaped her. In 1752, she