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29 Years of Age (Part 1)

August 30, 2017
In December 1842, the pastor of St. Peter’s Church in Dundee, Scotland, wrote a letter to his flock. In it, he wrote: My dear flock, the approach of another year stirs up within me new desires for your salvation and for the growth of those who are saved. “God is

A Little Book

August 23, 2017
Stephen Nichols (SN): Today I have a special guest with me, Dr. Burk Parsons. Dr. Parsons, welcome to 5 Minutes in Church History. Burk Parsons (BP): Thank you, Steve. SN: So glad to have you here. Dr. Parsons is a busy man. He copastors Saint Andrew’s Chapel, he is the editor

B.B. & Annie

August 16, 2017
B.B. and Annie. This is the story of a marriage between Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield and Annie Pierce Kinkead. We know Warfield as the great stalwart of Princeton Theological Seminary—he is sometimes called the Lion of Princeton—who was a significant figure in the Fundamentalist–Modernist Controversy. He was a mentor to

Luther on Vocation: Michael Horton

August 9, 2017
Stephen Nichols (SN): Recently we had our good friend Dr. Michael Horton here. I had left him on a deserted island. He’s tanned, rested, and he’s back, and we have him again. Dr. Horton, good to have you back. Michael Horton (MH): Thank you, Steve. Great to be back. SN: Did
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