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Philip Melanchthon

April 26, 2017
Philip Melanchthon is, after Martin Luther, likely the most prominent resident of Wittenberg, Germany. “Master Philip,” as Luther called him, was born on February 15, 1497. He came of age educationally just after Martin Luther did, but in many ways, Melanchthon’s education was very different from Luther’s. Luther was

Joan of Arc

April 19, 2017
With some figures in church history, you know exactly where they stand. You could put a white hat on them—they’re the good guys. With other figures in church history, you again know exactly where they stand: on the other side. You could put a black hat on them—they’re the

Cruce, Libro, et Atro

April 12, 2017
If there were bumper stickers in the Middle Ages, the phrase Cruce, libro, et atro may well have been a popular one. In many ways, it was the motto of monasticism. Monasticism is an institution with a long history in the church. There were early monks in the 200s known

17th Century Theological Poets

April 5, 2017
The seventeenth century was a kind of golden age for theological poets. Fascinating that we had a number of very significant poets and they all seem clustered in this century. Of course, this century was kicked off for us by none other than Shakespeare. But that’s just the beginning