Legacy of Luther

October 27, 2017
Martin Luther is well known as the man who sparked the Reformation by posting his Ninety-Five Theses against indulgences. But there’s more to Luther’s legacy that than simple act. Let’s sketch five points of Luther’s legacy. The first concerns Luther’s reform of church practice. Imagine showing up at church and

February 18, 1546

October 26, 2017
In Eisleben, there is a wonderful monument to Luther. It is a statue that has Luther holding two things: in one hand he is holding a Bible, and in the other hand he is holding a document. At the bottom of that document is the name Leo X. It

Last 4 Sermons

October 25, 2017
Welcome back to another episode of 5 Minutes in Church History. On this episode, we are on location and we are at quite a location. This is St. Andreas Church here in the town of Eisleben in Saxon, Germany. Now, we know that this is the town of the

January 1546

October 24, 2017
What would Luther want us to know? To answer that question, we’re going to look at the final month that Luther spent in Wittenberg, the month of January 1546. At the end of that month, he traveled to Eisleben, where he was born and where he died. In January 1546,
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