The Wittenberg 5

October 12, 2017
If you’ve ever read Martin Luther’s Ninety-Five Theses, you realize that he was looking for a debate. He wanted to discuss the Roman Catholic Church’s practice of selling indulgences. And he actually got that debate: it happened in the chapel of St. Mary’s Church with the faculty of the

Junker Jorg

October 11, 2017
Looming over the town of Eisenach, Germany, is Wartburg Castle. This castle was constructed in the 1060s. When Martin Luther was a student at Eisenach, he would have seen this grand castle perched atop the hill, and he may even have ventured up there from time to time. Luther


October 10, 2017
The city of Worms, Germany, is known as the site of Martin Luther’s courageous stand against the Roman Catholic Church and the Holy Roman emperor. At the imperial diet on April 17, 1521, Luther was ordered to recant his writings. After asking a day’s leave to pray, he reappeared


October 9, 2017
Just off the Rhine River in Germany is the Neckar River, and located right on the Neckar is the city of Heidelberg. This ancient city was the site of the drafting of two significant texts from the Reformation. The first was a Luther text. It was April 26, 1518.
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