Topic: Reformation

The 95 Theses, Part 1

October 30, 2017
Last time, we looked at the introduction and the first two of the Ninety-Five Theses. Now let’s look at a few more of the Ninety-Five Theses. Thesis number 21 says, “Therefore, those preachers of indulgences are in error when they say that by the pope’s indulgences a man is freed from


October 29, 2017
They are probably the most famous doors in church history; they might even be the most famous doors in history. They are the doors of the Schlosskirche, the Castle Church, in Wittenberg, Germany. The doors that exist now are not the original wooden doors to which Luther nailed the

R.C. Sproul and Luther

October 28, 2017
Stephen Nichols (SN): Welcome back to 5 Minutes in Church History. We are soon at October 31 and I have a very special guest today. Hello, Dr. Sproul. R.C. Sproul (RC): Hello, Steve; how are you? SN: Dr. Sproul, I need to tell you that I am calling you from a

Legacy of Luther

October 27, 2017
Martin Luther is well known as the man who sparked the Reformation by posting his Ninety-Five Theses against indulgences. But there’s more to Luther’s legacy that than simple act. Let’s sketch five points of Luther’s legacy. The first concerns Luther’s reform of church practice. Imagine showing up at church and
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