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Deserted Island Top 5: Burk Parsons

November 15, 2017
Stephen Nichols: Today we are returning to our deserted island, and I’m going to send out to that deserted island someone who is no stranger to 5 Minutes in Church History, and that is Dr. Burk Parsons. Dr. Parsons is copastor of Saint Andrew’s Chapel, editor of Tabletalk magazine,

29 Years of Age (Part 2)

September 6, 2017
Robert Murray M’Cheyne lived only twenty-nine years, but those twenty-nine years were filled with all sorts of interesting things. So we’re returning to this young minister from Dundee, Scotland. As we saw before, M’Cheyne wrote a letter to his church in December 1842 regarding his intention to create a Bible

29 Years of Age (Part 1)

August 30, 2017
In December 1842, the pastor of St. Peter’s Church in Dundee, Scotland, wrote a letter to his flock. In it, he wrote: My dear flock, the approach of another year stirs up within me new desires for your salvation and for the growth of those who are saved. “God is

B.B. & Annie

August 16, 2017
5min_mast B.B. and Annie. This is the story of a marriage between Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield and Annie Pierce Kinkead. We know Warfield as the great stalwart of Princeton Theological Seminary—he is sometimes called the Lion of Princeton—who was a significant figure in the Fundamentalist–Modernist Controversy. He was a mentor to
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