Topic: Middle Ages

The Ghent Altarpiece

March 22, 2017
It was very common in medieval cathedrals to have what is called a triptych. A triptych is a trifold painting. It has three panels: a rather large panel in the center and two panels on the sides that fold in so that the triptych can be closed. And artists

The Song of Roland

December 7, 2016
The medieval era was the era of epic poems. The English have Beowulf and the Spanish have The Poem of the Cid. In France, there is The Song of Roland. This poem has all the elements of a great story. It's got betrayal—Roland, the main character, is betrayed by his stepfather, Ganelon. It has plenty

Trending in the 12th Century

August 10, 2016
What was trending in the twelfth century? If you were alive during the 1100s, it would have been very hard to miss it. It was not the church's brightest hour—it is the Crusades. The First Crusade was launched just before the beginning of the twelfth century. It occurred from 1096 to 1099. Pope Urban II issued

Trending in the 10th Century

July 27, 2016
We're going to start a new series that we will be returning to from time to time. The series is called "Trending." But rather than looking at what's trending in the next hour or even in the next five minutes, as our culture may have it, let's talk about what was trending for a century.
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